TAITRA has operated and managed the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) for 30 years since its opening in 1986. This site has become a most dynamic showground for the promotion of world trade and industry through the hosting of short and long term exhibitions that met every need.

Showground and Conference Room Leasing

Under the operation of TAITRA, the TWTC Exhibition Hall provided showground space rental service for 90 trade shows using more than 50,000 booths in 2014, thus achieving a remarkable occupancy rate of 70%.
In 2nd floor of the TWTC, offers 5 different-size conference rooms with cutting-edge facilities. The 5 modular-sized meeting rooms bring theater-style seating for 108 to 600 guests. It is the best choice for press conferences, seminars, training sessions, product launches and small ceremonies.

Trade Mart Operations

The upper levels of the TWTC Exhibition Hall accommodate 1,069 showrooms composing the International Trade Mart – A permanent display area of sample products under one roof. Numerous companies occupy the Mart, conveniently showcasing their products to all visitors whether there is a trade show in progress or not. It is divided into the Export Mart section on the second to the sixth floors and the Import Mart section on the seventh floor.

International Business Center

On the fifth floor, TAITRA operates the TWTC international Business Center, an area offering fully equipped, temporary office space for companies interested in pursing investment opportunities in Taiwan.

TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall

Since the TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall opened in 2008 it has become a key landmark in Taipei and model for the MICE industry. The structure’s purpose built twin-level show floors contain an impressive 45,360 sqm of show space. On the upper level of this green-certified building is the Sky Dome. The Dome is Taiwan’s largest column-free showground and can hold 18,000 people. It is a great place for international trade shows, concerts, direct sales conferences, religious conference, incentive travel events, and year-end parties.

Double-decked Showground

Exhibition Hall Square Meter Booth Capacity (3m×3m) Ceiling Height Floor Load
(per sqm)
Column Dimension
Ground Floor(1F) 22,680 1,161 9 m 5 Tons 18 m×18 m
Area I 7,750 392      
Area J 7,180 377      
Area K 7,750 392      
Sky Dome
22,680 1,306 14.3 m~27.3m 2 Tons 180 m×126 m
Area L 7,560 428      
Area M 7,560 450      
Area N 7,560 428      
Outdoor 1,000 - - 7 Tons -

Conference Rooms

All conference rooms are available on the 4th floor (4 rooms, can be further sub-divided into 6 rooms) and the 5th floor (5 rooms, can be further sub-divided into 7 rooms) for a total 1,950 seating capacity. With professional a/v and conferencing equipment, all kinds of meetings can be held.


The 3rd floor satisfies a diversity of tastes with a buffet restaurant (280 seats), a Chinese restaurant (150 seats) and a banquet hall (450 seats).

Food and Drinks and other service facility

There are nine food and drink stands and shops on the ground level. The ground floor also has the Organizers’ Office, Venue Service Center, Breastfeeding Room, VIP rooms and First Aid Office. One level below on B1 are 620 parking space for cars and 1,770 parking spaces for motorcycles. And the fourth floor has two prayer rooms.